Mama Penny

Datum: 9 augustus 2020 Plaats: Blankendam

We had the most wonderful experience with our kraamzorg Anneke, she finished her week today and we already miss her presence. Anneke was so knowledgeable, experienced, relatable, funny and warm. She made our house run like Mary Poppins would while I was hands full with baby #2. Our first daughter warmed to Anneke immediately and showed more love and trust towards her than extended family members she’s known since birth.

The kraamzorg is by far the best thing I’ve ever experienced and am so grateful that I’ve had two wonderful Naviva women guide me through the most important first steps into motherhood.

Not only do I highly recommend Naviva, but I would definitely recommend Anneke and if i was ever going to have another baby (i won’t, two is enough!) I would do everything I could to have her care for me again.